Matthew smith

Life Verse Essay


    My bible verse is psalm 23 it talks about the lord keeping us safe and always being with us. The first part of the verse says that the God is our provider and will give us everything we need. It also says “he leads me beside quiet waters he restores my soul” I think that this is saying that God is trying to always refresh us. I see this as that we need to always ask God to renew our relationship with him.

    The second part of my life verse and pesonaly I see as the most powerful part is, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil for you are with me”. I see this part as God reaching down to us and saying that he is never going to leave us and will always be there to protect us. I apply to my life by always saying this whenever I am going through a hard time. This section of the verse is also one of the most used in movies. In my life verse this is probiblally my favorite part.

    “The next part of the verse says your rod and your staff they confort me.” This is another section of scripture where the aurthor is saying that God id our protector. The psalmist frequently compairs God to a sheperd and us to sheep and as the sheperd God is protecting us and is keeping us safe from the wolves, that being satian.

    Next the psalmist says that “he preapres a table before in the presence of my enemies my cup overflows.” When he says that “he preapres a table before in the presence of my enemies” I think that he is saying that even your enemies will see how blessed you are when you are trusting in God.

Lastly it says “shurely goodness and love shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the lord for ever men” God is saying that if we trust the lord he will bless us with goodness and love. The main thing that I like about this verse is that God is promising to bless me if I trust him that is why this is my life verse.







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