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Julie DiFede

Mr. Greene

Computer apps./3 Life Verse essay


John 14:27

Who knew that these simply words could impact somebody so greatly, so deeply. Who knew that words could bring comfort and understanding and the presence of God could be seen through words on a page. It’s not made up. And im not trying to write some feel good speech about something…”spiritual” As long as I write the truth about how this verse impacted me, and the reallness of the truth behind it, I no i’ll be fine in telling you how this verse came to be.

It all started with a man his name was John. John was the son of Zebedee and Salome. Saint James the Great wsa his brother. Salome was Marys sister, and so John was the Lord’s half cousin. John’s ethnicity was jewish, he was a fishermen and partners with James and Simon. John was an apostle of Jesus and was the author of five new testament books. I’ve been brought to think that John and Jesus were very close. God called John his “Beloved Disciple”and, in one of Johns gosple’s he referes to himslef as the disciple that Jesus loved so I assume that they were pretty close to eachother.

The book of John was written between 85 and 95 A.D. To my understanding John wrote this book because he would witness believers being fasly taught the word of God by a group of teachers. In another scence I think God had John write this book beceause its very comforting.Allthough times were diffrent back in the days of writing the Bible people still had promblems like they do today. No matter what year it is in history we will always look for somthing better than ourselves, something to fulfill that emptyness. Its an amazing feeling to truly be able to give your promblems up to God and not be able to worry about them, now Im not saying this always happens because it definately doesn’t. But this verse helped me immensly in taking a bigger step towards trusting God and letting go.

This is what my verse means to me stripped down to the core. God wants you to depend on him. Writing this write now, it seems really funny because its not that easy. Its not easy at all actually. It takes total trust in believeing fully in something you’ve never seen before and thats really hard to do today in a world of material things. Espically because people don’t want to have a God that they have to be accountable to they want to trust in themselves and have no rules.

I’m really glad that God gave me this verse because I have a tendancy to worry alot. When im stressing over something It’s so much easier to say this verse back to myself because it gives me a sence of security and comfort. I know that most everybody atleast once in there life would be able to apply a verse like this to there own life, because everybody at one pont or another are going to have to face somehting thats challenging ,stressful and beyond our own control. I know that im not the only person that has been blessed with his verse. And I hope that otheres who read this will be impacted by this verse even if its in the future.


One Response to “Life Verse Essay”

  1. Jim Says:

    You wrote: God called John his “Beloved Disciple”

    Got scripture? No, you don’t. The author of our fourth gospel used terms like the “other disciple whom Jesus loved” to refer to himself in order to conceal his identity. So, in the first instance, what one should believe about this person is what this God inspired author told us about himself. The question therefore becomes, since the facts in the plain text of scripture can prove that “other disciple, whom Jesus loved” could not possibly have been John, then why do so many still cling to the unbiblical John tradition?

    The Bible says what it says. So no matter how many men one can find parroting the ideas of men found in NON-Bible sources the facts in scripture prove that John was not the “other disciple whom Jesus loved” (the anonymous author of the fourth gospel). The John idea comes from NON-Bible sources and the hand-me-down ideas of men but scripture says otherwise. [PS, If one has to change the subject because they cannot cite scripture, then the point is made by the very need to dodge the light of scripture.]

    The truth is there is not a single verse in scripture that would justify teaching that John was the unnamed “other disciple, whom Jesus loved” and yet most simply assume that this tradition cannot be wrong and then reinterpret scripture to fit this idea. The facts recorded in the plain text of scripture prove that WHOEVER this anonymous author was he certainly was not John — because this would require the Bible to contradict itself.

    One should believe what this author wrote. In the third to the last verse in his gospel this author reports that he was the subject of the first false teaching that circulated among the brethren. So why in the world would anyone think that men who lived a hundred years later couldn’t possibly teach a wrong idea about this unnamed author? Before Jesus even left the planet we see the beginning of a false teaching about the one whom “Jesus loved” being spread! And those who teach the John error are doing likewise.

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