Joshua 1:9, My Life Verse: Michael Havens

My life verse, Joshua 1:9, has been with me for a few years. Ever since it has helped me through the toughest times I have ever gone through. Honestly, if God hadn’t given me this verse I probably would not be where I am today as a person. I needed that verse and I still need it today. I find myself needy ALOT of the time for the comfort of promises of the Lord. The Truth and the Word of the Lord is what I do my best to try and base my life on. It is the only thing that really makes sense to me in this world.

I found my life verse when a couple of years ago when I received my first Bible after church service one Sunday. As a new Christian my parents wanted me to have a Bible and I was tired of using theirs all the time so I also wanted to have one of my own. On the cover I bought with it, it said, “‘Be strong and Courageous’, Joshua 1:9”. I liked the verse a lot. Ever since, it has been a very solid, clear foundation to doing a lot of the things I did, whether it was school, homework, sports, or just sitting at home trying something new on the guitar. I always remember that verse whenever I’m about to do something that’s going to take a lot of faith like living out my faith every day.

Throughout my Christianity I have always been a little scared and intimidated about living out my faith all the time and being bold, especially when around others I know aren’t Christians. I would worry about what would happen, what they would say and what they would think. I didn’t want to do that anymore. I’ve noticed that ever since I started my walk with the Lord and have been more in His Word, I’ve grown stronger and bolder. Now it really doesn’t matter to me what anyone else says or thinks anymore. I still know it isn’t always an easy walk though. I still struggle with being bold and carrying out God’s commands everyday consistently. I need Gods help. However, Joshua 1:9 gives me faith and courage whenever I feel alone and like I’m being defeated by this world. “Do not be afraid or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” That part of the verse (Joshua 1:9) immediately takes away my fear and replaces it with courage because then I am reassured that God is with me and His power is with me always, no matter how many times I’ve sinned or fallen short. Even when nobody is with you and your alone in this world, God the Almighty Father is with you! That’s a very uplifting and exciting thought!


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