Brian Gebel’s Life verse, Isaiah 41:10


Isaiah 41:10

    Isaiah was a contemporary from Amos, Hosea and Micah. He was born in the 8th century. The book is named for the prophet who composed the book. His name means “The Lord is salvation.” The work of the great prophet was to turn the Jews to the Lord as the only hope of their salvation. He married a woman, he was a father and he had two sons. Also he was a very good writer. Isaiah was called to be a prophet of Yahweh in striking visions which he had experienced in the Temple from about 740 years B.C. The book of Isaiah was written from about 701 years B.C. Isaiah’s words were primarily directed to the nation of Judah and the people of Jerusalem.

This verse means with my faithful right hand. The phrase is a Hebrew mode of expression, meaning that God’s hand was very faithful. This is the verse: “Which I do and will manage with righteousness, whereby I will deliver thee, and destroy thine and mine enemies, as it follows.” This verse tells us that God will strenght us and that he will protect us from any evil. Isaiah’s calling as a prophet was first to the nation of Jerusalem. He also told the coming of the Messiah and the salvation of the Lord. He was a trustful man.

Isaiah son of Amoz is often thought of as the greatest of the writing prophets and also Isaiah wrote during the stormy period marking the expansion of the Assyrian empire and the decline of Israel. He wrote a verse which means that he will be with us,he will protect us, and that he will be our shield. His own name, which symbolized his message of salvation, Isaiah’s sons names represented a part of his prophetic message as well.

    This message means a lot to me because it helps me to look forward and to forget the past. Every day when I need help he is there helping me when I need him. One day when I was at my home on Sunday in 2006 I was having problems with the school so I read the verse and at that instant it changed my life. It was at night in my house and it was raining, it was a Sunday. I received because God was telling me that he will strengthen me and help me. This verse is still helping me in my hard times.

    Isaiah was a really good writer. I think that people should apply it to their lifes. He is with you whatever you go, no matter what happened. He will help you in your hard moments because if you believe in him and trust him you will be safe. This is my favorite verse and I wish not to forget it.


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