Darian’s Life verse Deuteronomy 31:6

Life Verse

    I recieved my life verse about a year ago. Coming from a non-covenent Christian school,(Zion Lutheran) my friends were mosty nonchristians, or actd like it at least. This greatly effected my walk with Christ, although I had a relationship with Christ, I was controlled by peer pressure. Coming to CCA’s environment, I was instantly convicted, not directly but indirectly. I compared the way my friends and I acted with the community of CCA. Living in CCA’s environment really changed my outlook of a Christian’s life and the way it was supposed to be. I had changed, but my friends had not. With a shy personality, it was hard to talk to them let alone confront them on their actions. I came across this verse one day, and it spoke gratly to me. I had forgotten who was with me through my struggles. With God on my side, whom or what was I afraid of? God would and will never forsake me. This verse strengthened my walk, and with this strength, I am a more able and willing disciple others.

Since then, God has placed me in positions of leadership. For example, I was chosen to travel to Mexico ahead of my class to bring back a heart for Mexico, and encourage others to attend the trip in June. When I was first informed of this mission, I had no idea why I was chosen. I didn’t really see myself as a leader in my class. I doubted myself and questioned God of my role. I didn’t understand why in the world I was going ahead of others in my class who I belived were more qualified.

    Throughout the trip first trip, I was placed out of my comfort zone alot. God was basically forcing me out of my shell, I had avoided it for long enough. Then planning for the second trip in June, I discoverd I was going to lead one of the four groups on the trip. At first I was very anxious, so I began to serch God’s Will. If I was placed in this role,then it was obviously His will. And being in His will, I had nothing to fear because He would always be with me. The trip was a huge success, and God truely revealed His face to my group on that trip. It was so cool to see God work through me to reach others.

God’s work on me through Mexico has helped me emensly in life. It has prepared me for my future. It gave me an even greater understanding of the life verse He gave me. I even though I thought it was a better idea to be comfortable and quite, Gods plan is outed as it always does. His plan is always perfect and I am so blinded by pride when I choose my path over His.

    Looking back at how god has so perfectly worked on me to prepare me for His plans, it is so evident that He is a neverfailing God. As stated in my life verse, If I am seizeful and brave, I have nothing to fear because God will never forsake me and never fail me. Through my life verse and His works in and through me, God continuosly guides my back onto His track.









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